1. Do I need any special hosting or can I use what I have current hosting account that host my website?

You don’t need anything special as long as you have WordPress your all set.

2. How many listener can listen to my radio station?

You can have as many listeners that your hosting account can take. If you have a service with unlimited bandwidth you will have unlimited listeners.

3. How to embed Serverless Radio on website?

You can use iframe based embed code to use Serverless Radio on website page. It’s highly recommend use popup window for player so you can keep browsing the web site listening to music.

4. How to setup Serverless Radio on website?

Follow these 3 simple steps

– Input mp3 folder link in textbox https://aveclagare.org/mp3/

– Click on “Scan Folder” button to scan MP3 folder link for mp3 files

– Wait for few moment while all mp3 duration fill in last textbox

– Click on “Get Player” button to get player / embed code